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Welcome to ´cause

Toys for for the hands, minds and souls

’cause is much more than just a brand for high-quality toys.’cause supports children's imagination and creativity and gives them toys for their hands, minds and souls. ’cause is the idea of combining the happiness of two children from two completely different worlds. ’cause frees children in the Third World from forced child labour and builds schools for them.

Vehicles with horn

Vehicles for young children. The horn is the special clou.more »

Surface feel memory in cotton bag

A very special memory game with 32 wooden cylinders with 16 different surfaces. Some are very smooth, some roughly ribbed, some finely structured - and they have to be identified by touch alone. They are in a blue, non-transparent linen bag. Try to identify two identical surfaces by touch. It's a lot more difficult than you think! But only two absolutely identical surfaces form a memory pair. Lots of fun guaranteed and the sense of touch is trained.more »

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